Hospital-Physician Alignment Strategy

Large hospital system sought to strengthen its relationship with independent physicians by offering management services through a MSO. Health Intersect was engaged to assist in planning and developing the MSO. Early in its discussions, Health Intersect advised the client to develop a better understanding of the practice needs of independent physicians and their perspectives on the hospital system and its service to physicians and their patients as an important step in designing how best to meet their needs.

Health Intersect interviewed both independent and employed physicians across all specialties. Its findings clearly showed that independent physicians were not interested receiving MSO services from the hospital. The research identified physician interest in a few initiatives that could be facilitated by the hospital, without the hospital being the purveyor. Most importantly, the hospital system received very specific feedback as to actions it could take to strengthen its relationship with physicians, including removing barriers to physicians (and their patients) doing business with (and seeking care from) the hospital system.

While the initial goal of the hospital system was to create and manage a MSO, the work of Health Intersect in collaboration with hospital managers created a much better understanding of the hospital-physician relationships and actions (many of which were low/no cost to the hospital system) that would increase admissions and referrals for its outpatient services. In addition, the hospital system saved millions of dollars by foregoing the creation of a service which its physician-customers did not want and would not purchase.  A concomitant benefit of the interviews conducted by Health Intersect was the relational value of the hospital system reaching out to physicians to understand what it could do to be a better “partner” with physicians and positively impact their practices.